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Our five-week advanced financial trading programme combines theory with practical experience, covering all asset classes on global derivatives exchanges.

During the five weeks we blend a comprehensive education of theory, covering fundamentals, technical analysis, trading psychology, risk management, and a basket of trading strategies; the fundamental drivers of the market with technical analysis to assist with timing entry and exit levels. During this period practical experience will also be gleaned by using our professional trading platform and charting system.

For those wishing to become a professional trader, the final three weeks will include an assessment period. This will provide each trainee professional trader the opportunity to put the knowledge gained during the course into practice using our simulated trading software to reach targets set by the Alpha Academic training team.

Please note: We only trade fully regulated global derivatives markets, which as a registered market maker is a prerequisite. This guarantees you a variety of genuine markets with high liquidity and tight pricing.



Mr Chris Tubby has been involved in the derivatives industry for over four decades. During his career he has traded all asset classes including commodities, financials, FX and metals. He uses his experience and strong network of contacts in the derivatives industry to assist the company with all matters relating to derivatives.

During his long trading career in the industry as professional proprietary trader, arbitrageur and market maker/liquidity provider, he has also found time to consult to major exchanges and educate the next generation of traders. It is through arbitrage and market making that he developed a keen interest in algorithms to assist him with pricing mechanisms and risk controls. Mr Tubby uses his strong knowledge to open each course with an introduction of the basic fundamentals of derivatives and risk management.


Course Modules


  • Impact of economic indicators (data)
  • Central Bank (monetary) policy
  • Political (fiscal) policy
  • History of economic disasters
  • Quantitative Easing
  • Brexit
  • Forward and yield curves
  • Research, reports and news
  • Commodity fundamentals

Technical Analysis

  • Professional Charting
  • Technical indicators
  • Short and long term analysis
  • Trends and breakouts
  • Stop Loss levels

Trading techniques

  • Position building
  • Structured trading plan
  • Trading diary
  • Increase or decrease volatility and risk
  • Professional Trading Platform
  • Market terminologies

Risk Management

  • Profit and loss management
  • Consistency development
  • Risk/reward
  • Performance Assessment
  • Discipline
  • Market regulations

Trading Psychology

  • Type of Traders
  • Emotions
  • Fear, greed and ego

Career Development

  • How to prepare for interviews
  • Typical interview questions asked
  • Career opportunities within the industry

For full details of the course, please download Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading.



The Alpha Academic Advanced Financial Trading Program is a financial qualification aimed who wish to pursue a career as a financial trader, or a career within the financial sector.

  • Undergraduates in their final year of study, or those that have graduated within the last year from their first degree, with a keen interest in the financial markets looking to start their careers as traders;
  • Graduates with either post graduate qualifications or two+ years of experience following the completion of their first degree who are interested in advancing their career in the financial services industry;
  • Career Changers, those with established careers, be that in the financial services industry or otherwise, looking to take on a new challenge and embark on a new career as an Alpha Academic trader.




The primary purpose of the programme is to prepare learners for employment in a range of financial service roles, for example, Financial Trader, Compliance Officer, Investment Administrator, Back Office, Middle Office, etc.



Upon successfully completing the programme, you will receive a recognized Ofqual certified qualification. The qualification is equivalent to a 2 year foundation degree, or a Higher National Diploma (HND). It also has 32 (RQF) qualification credits associate with it which are transferrable into other further qualification advancement under the classification of Financial and Accounting.



The business environment is friendly and professional, which in many cases, as you might know, is very difficult to achieve. Mr. Chris Tubby, the mentor/coach, was a great surprise during this program. He has a very deep knowledge of the market and is always available to answer questions and provides relevant research information which greatly assists with your trading.

Rodrigo ChavesProfessional Trader
Advanced Financial Trading Programme