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Intake: 19th June 2017

Duration: 1 week full-time or 6 weeks part-time


Course Content

The objective of this course is to equip individuals with the working theoretical knowledge and a practical understanding of financial markets to make confident decisions and excel as a trader.

This comprehensive course will be based on an integration of education and training through real-time simulation, detailed performance metrics to track and analyse performance, and archives of past market data to replay and retrace – markets for concentrated market practice. 



Mr Chris Tubby has been involved in the derivatives industry for over four decades. During his career he has traded all asset classes including commodities, financials, FX and metals. He uses his experience and strong network of contacts in the derivatives industry to assist the company with all matters relating to derivatives.

During his long trading career in the industry as professional proprietary trader, arbitrageur and market maker/liquidity provider, he has also found time to consult to major exchanges and educate the next generation of traders. It is through arbitrage and market making that he developed a keen interest in algorithms to assist him with pricing mechanisms and risk controls. Mr Tubby uses his strong knowledge to open each course with an introduction of the basic fundamentals of derivatives and risk management.


Information Sessions

Find out more, joins us for an on-site Information Session: 21st April 2017 at 17:15 (BST)


Individual Appointments

If you would like to arrange an individual appointment to discuss the course, please email, stating your preferred date and time.


Course Module

Asset classes

  • Financial derivatives and cash markets.
  • Commodity derivatives and physical markets
  • Correlations between asset classes

Fundamental Drivers

  • Impact of economic indicators (data)
  • Central Bank (monetary) policy
  • Political (fiscal) policy.
  • Forward and Yield Curves

Technical Analysis

  • Chart Comparison
  • Technical Indicators
  • Short and Long-term Analysis

Trading techniques

  • Position Taking
  • Structure Trading Plan
  • Increasing and Decreasing Volatility
  • Professional Trading Platform

Risk Management

  • Profit and Loss Management
  • Risk/reward
  • Performance Assessment

Trading Psychology

  • Emotions
  • Fear, Greed and Ego

For full details of the course, please download Financial Trading and Investing Programme.


I got my PHD degree majored in economics at Renmin University of China in 2012. Then I went to a post-doctoral research center in Peking University to do research in macroeconomics. In 2015, because of the stock market crisis in China, I began to trade and do some research on the financial market, including the futures market. After that, I went to a hedge fund company that traders traded all kinds of products using technique analysis method and my duty is to give them fundamental consultant. Bu…
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