We work combining innovation and discipline

At Alpha Academic, we operate with a focused, entrepreneurial drive. Our dynamic trading floor offers the opportunity and platform to combine some of the most advanced technology, with decades of experience to accommodate exciting, multi-strategy approaches to trading.

With a team of unique talents, we pride ourselves on developing and empowering our traders on becoming the best in the business. We currently trade virtually all asset classes and a wide range of products via Eurex, Euronext, CBOT, CME, ICE: Options and Futures in Equities, Interest Rates, Foreign Exchange, Metals and Commodities using our Timing and Quantitative Strategies.

Our traders are encouraged to transact business in any sector they feel most confident in. They are expected to demonstrate an extensive knowledge in their selected markets, providing accurate data on fundamental, technical analysis and market sentiment.

We are always looking to expand our team and grow Alpha Academic with great talents who are passionate about financial markets. Our professional team of mentors offer extensive trading programs at all levels to support and help both novice and experienced traders alike to take advantage of market opportunities.

We also welcome independent professional traders and investors that prefer to work with their own account and can provide trading floor benefits to rival any arcade, with the best profit split and lowest costs in the industry.

Whether you are an expert trader or seeking to become one, we provide the trading tools and commercial solutions you need.



1. Professional Proprietary Trading and Portfolio Management

The Alpha Academic key member for portfolio managed funds has a track record of Alpha 10 plus per year for last five years continuously without a losing quarter. Consult to FCA regulated fund of fund, advise exchanges and institutions; providing them with our special skill set, including investment research and decision making, along with intelligence time and factors choosing algorithmic models. His experience also covers Market Making.

2. Market Maker on regulated exchanges
The Managing Director of the board has over 4 decades of market experience. He has been Senior floor trader on both the commodity exchange and LIFFE. As a very experienced market maker across multiple asset classes he provides a professional service for the derivatives industry, not only providing efficient prices and high volume he also assists exchanges and commercials. For one of the market making license we hold we are ranked globally 1st for 9 of the last 10 months.


How ALPHA do it

Alpha Academic is a multi-strategy firm focusing on discipline and innovation as the core components of maximising the profitability and professional longevity of each of its traders. As a team, Alpha Academic is extremely thorough and meticulous in its approach to trading and risk management ensuring that each trader understands the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to trading. What sets Alpha Academic apart from its competitors is its constant drives to provide an innovative environment to foster the progressive evolution of new trading strategies. Alpha Academic endeavours to achieve this through the encouragement of collaborative working relationships between its leadership team and the traders on Alpha Academic’s state of the art live trading floor.

Alpha Academic believes that through the focus on uniting discipline and innovation, we can cultivate each trader’s potential, alongside providing them with the support of a dedicated risk management team to allow for professional growth and profitability.


  • We are extremely thorough and disciplined in this highly competitive industry.
  • We value learning and education through the promotion of our career programmes.
  • We pride ourselves on personal and professional growth, so to be the best we possibly can, as individuals and as a team.
  • We respect all ideas and collaborate freely - nurturing an ego free work environment is essential.


  • We are determined to succeed and we believe the key to a successful trading firm is the efficient evolution of trading strategies.
  • We believe effective and thorough risk management across all aspects of our firm is vital.
  • We are scientific in our approach in all aspects of our business – measuring incremental change and basing decisions off data.

Primarily, Alpha Academic focuses on building on the potential of its traders, providing support through a dedicated proactive risk management team. Alpha Academic risk team manages and supports the traders in accordance with predetermined and agreed parameters.

If you are looking to become a professional trader and you have a Bachelor degree from a top university and has a minimum one year experience in professional trading with proven P&L, then please send your cv to