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This 1-week or 6-week part-time course is designed to meet individual needs so you can work while you learn.


This one-week/ six-week comprehensive course will be based on an integration of education and training through real-time simulation, detailed performance metrics to track and analyse performance, and archives of past market data to replay and retrace – markets for concentrated market practice.  There aren’t easy ways to riches. Ultimately, you succeed as a function of what you learn: chart patterns, indicator readings, trading software skills, self-assessment analysis, trading strategies and trading psychology, and finally risk management.

At Alpha Academic, our objective is to equip individuals with the working theoretical knowledge and a practical understanding of financial markets to make confident decisions and excel as a trader.

Learning Objective

By the end of the course, learner will:

  • Understand how to trade the derivatives markets across various asset classes in modern financial markets using professional trading software.
  • Implement learned technical analysis techniques for both short-term trading and long-term investment strategies using a variety of technical charts.
  • Devise a daily structured trading plan; apply trading techniques to commodity and financial products.
  • Calculate the profit and loss of trades whilst managing associated risk.
  • Execute trades through professional trading platforms (also available to practice from home)
  • Experience trading psychology through structure intensive practices of various asset classes
  • Evaluate self-analyse trading performance and learn through feedback


I graduated from Cass Business School with a master’s degree in Banking and International Finance. After graduation, I took the trading course in Alpha Academic, which was a very enjoyable and fruitful experience. Mr. Tubby, as an extremely experienced and professional trader, not only taught us algorithm trading basics and strategies very systematically but also gave us a lot of practical advice on the live trading floor. In the course, I learned how to read charts and put trades strategicall…

Advanced Financial Trading Programme